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Our company is participating in Jakarta International Expo in Indonesia

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In today's globalized business environment, participation in international fairs has become one of the most important ways for companies to expand their markets, increase exposure and establish international business partnerships. Our company is proud to announce that we will be participating in the Jakarta International Expo in Indonesia, which is an exciting opportunity to explore new prospects for our business. In this article, we will delve into our motivation for attending the expo, our goals, and the key products and services we will be showcasing. In addition, we will also answer some frequently asked questions so that you can better understand our plans for exhibiting at the expo.

Why did we choose to participate in the Jakarta International Expo Indonesia? 

Enhance Brand Awareness Participating in international expos is an effective way to increase brand awareness. Our goal is to increase our visibility in the Indonesian market by exhibiting to generate interest from potential customers and partners. This will help us establish more business contacts and Strengthening our Beccor and YuanFong brand image.

Explore new market opportunities

Indonesia is a market with huge potential and we would like to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and opportunities in this market. Participating in the expo will enable us to communicate directly with local business people and potential customers to better understand the market dynamics and competition.

Showcasing innovative products and solutions 

We plan to showcase a range of innovative products and solutions at the Expo. This will be an opportunity to showcase our latest achievements and demonstrate our capabilities and commitment to potential customers and partners.

Our Objectives


Connecting with potential customers Our primary goal is to connect with potential customers and establish long-term business relationships. We will actively participate in the exhibition activities and interact with visitors to understand their needs and provide solutions.

Promoting Partnerships 

In addition to connecting with potential customers, we also want to explore partnership opportunities with potential partners. This includes establishing strategic partnerships with local distributors, suppliers and other business partners.

Gathering Market Feedback 

We will listen to feedback from the market to improve our products and services. Attending the Expo will provide us with a valuable opportunity to understand our customers' needs and expectations.

Key products and services we will showcase At the Jakarta International Expo Indonesia

we will showcase the following key products and service

  1. Product 1 Features and benefits of Product 1 How to order Product 1

  2. Product 2 Features and benefits of Product 2 How to order Product 2

  3. Solution 1 Areas of application of Solution 1 How to get support for Solution 1

  4. Solution 2 Areas of application for Solution 2 How to get support for Solution

    2 How to find our booth If you are planning to visit the Jakarta International Expo in Indonesia, we encourage you to come and visit our booth.You can find us at the following location:

Booth number: B3-G06

Exhibition Location: Jakarta International Expo Center

We are very much looking forward to attending the Jakarta International Expo Indonesia to network with potential customers and partners and showcase our innovative products and solutions. This is an important opportunity to help expand our business and we are fully committed to achieving our goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are the dates of the Expo?

The Expo will be held from September 20 to September 23, 2023.

2.Can we book a meeting?

Yes, you can book a meeting through our official website or schedule a meeting with our team at the booth.

3.Are there any show special offers?

Yes, we will provide special show offers and discounts, please come and ask our staff.

4.Do you provide show brochures?

Yes, we will provide a detailed show brochure with information about our products and solutions.

5.Do we accept cooperation offers?

Yes, we welcome cooperation offers. Please discuss your ideas and plans with our team during the show.

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