Melamine Test Machine

Test Machine is suitable for laminating melamine paper in one side of small size PB or MDF ,as well as suitable for paper pattern test in printery or impregnated paper production factory .Electric heating or thermal oil heating.The test machine uses a combination of heat and pressure to bond the melamine layer to the substrate.
Technical Parameters Of    

Test Machine

Test Machine its substrate is typically loaded onto the press with the melamine layer facing up, and then a sheet of release paper or foil is placed over the melamine layer to protect the surface of the press from the heat and pressure.
    Model     YXX-150   YXX-200    YXX-250 YXX-300
    Total Pressure of the Width(KN)    1500    2000    2500 3000
    Diamter of Plunger Cylinder(mm)    φ280    φ320    φ360 φ400
    Num of Plunger Cylinder(pc)   1    1    1 1
    Width Size    Depends on customers  
Advantages of

Test Press Machine

The explosion-proof door is exploding, and according to the explosion and reflection force of the situation, the explosion-proof door can resist the pressure within the various ranges.

Door Skin Moulds for Door Skin Press Machine

1. The touch screen can easily set the pressure and time, and display the daily output. 
2. With password setting to prevent workers from arbitrary operation and reduce defective products. 
3. With fault detection, easy maintenance.

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Product Benefits of

Test Machine 

  Frame Structure

The Hot Press Machine frame is thick and made of high-resistance steel.The steel plate is a high hardness solid steel.Configure guide posts to ensure better flatness during pressing.

  Oil Cylinder

Short cycle hot press Cylinders are made of special thick steel seamless tubes.Welding is done by robotic machines to control all welding parameters.CNC machining ensures tight minimum tolerances in operation to extend the life of the cylinder.

  Pressure Control

The short hot press machineelectronic equipment is controlled by a microprocessor, and the pressing parameters are automatically set by the press buttons.

  Digital Instrument

The digital instrument carries out independent electronic control on the pressure plate temperature and the digital pressure gauge controls the pressure level.
Intelligent Technology of 

Short Cycle Hot Press Line


1.Electrical Control System

The Siemens PLC for the Electrical Control System. use touch screen Output count, fault detection, password setting, hot-pressing process monitoring.

2.Siemens PLC

Our objective is to deliver a customized glass bottle design that meets all your requirements. We aim to bring your vision to life because customer satisfaction is important to us.

3.Siemens Servo Motrol Control

The Roetell factory is fitted with ultra-modern machinery to ensure that we efficiently manufacture high-quality glass bottles. It also enables us to produce in bulk within short turnaround times.

4.Hydraulic Staction

The servo pumping system for the hydraulic station can save 30% on electrical power consumption. Machine working more quite,More accurate control.
Accessories of 

Melamine Test Machine

BECCOR has been working as a Test machine manufacturer and supplier in China for more than 16decades. With our years of experience in the industry, we can guarantee the production of high-quality Chinese short cycle hot press machine. Aside from manufacturing short cycle press machine in our own factory, we also offer customization and design services to our customers.Provide relative supporting equipment and Spare Parts.

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Changzhou Beccor Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the research, development and production of high-end automatic wood-based panel surface processing technology and equipment. The company has strong technical strength, perfect testing means, and has gathered a group of high-quality, high-tech professionals.
The company's fully automatic synchronous double-face fast veneer production line, non-standard customized supporting automatic production line and various automatic pressing equipment are widely used in the production of furniture panels, reinforced composite floors and various decorative panels. It is suitable for particleboard, MDF and other wood panels and melamine impregnated decorative paper veneer, high-quality processed products and flexible use of substrates.
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Test Machine

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