Full Automatic Short Cycle Hot Press Line

The high short cycle hot press line manufacturered by BECCOR is widely used in the production of furniture boards,laminate flooring ,and various decorative panels. It is suitable for laminating melamine impregnated decorative paper on Particle board, MDF,and other wood panels.

 Technical Parameters Of    Full Automatic Short Cyle Hot Press Machine

The Melamine Pressure Machine can from 1200T to 3200T (based on 1220*2440mm board).The raw board size : 1220*2440 / 1220*2745 / 1220*3050 / 1830*2440 / 2100*2800 / 1830*3660 etc. other size can be customized.
    Model     HKT-1200   HKT-1400 HKT-1800 HKT-2000 HKT-2400 HKT-2800 HKT-3200
    Total Pressure of the Width(KN)    12000    14000    18000 20000 24000 28000 32000
    Diamter of Plunger Cylinder(mm)    φ320    φ340    φ340 φ360 φ400 φ420 φ450
    Num of Plunger Cylinder(pc)    6 6    8 8/9 8/9 8/9 8/9
Width Size 4’x8',4’x9',4’x10',5’x8',6’x8',6’x9',7’x9'

Why Choose Full Automatic Short Cycle Hot Press line from BECCOR?

Beccor intelligent focuses on making more high-end laminating presses, such as KT type synchronous laminating line, and high-grade automation equipment.

                                      Features of                                             Full Automatic Short Cycle Hot Press Line

  The auxiliary time is short, and the press can be closed and pressurized quickly.

  The board feeding machine and the board discharging machine adopt the output method of linear guide rail to realize fast loading and unloading of boards.

  Stable and fast working process, proper paper usage, the maximum output can reach 100 sheets/hour. 

  High-quality pressing products meet the production requirements of high-end furniture or floors. 

                                Advantages of                                     

Full Automaric Short Cycle Hot Press Line

Hot Press Frame

The frame of hot press machine is manufactured from high quality plain steel plate and stress analysis and computation in detail to ensure the enough stiffness and safety Factory. The whole working surface of the frame is processed by machine tool; the frame has high accuracy, which ensures the quality of the finished board.

Paper Laying Machine

Paper laying machines play an important role in the paper manufacturing industry by helping to streamline the process of handling and processing.paper laying machines play an important role by helping to streamline the process of handling and processing large quantities of paper, improving efficiency, and reducing labor costs.

Hot Press Machine of Cooling Line

Cooling machine is play an important role in helping to maintain quality and efficiency by ensuring that products and materials are cooled to the appropriate temperature.

Moving and Stacking Machine

A moving and stacking machine for a short cycle hot press machine plays an important role in the production of wood-based panels by automating the process of cooling and stacking the panels, improving efficiency, and reducing the risk of damage to the finished product.

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               Benefits of                      Full Automatic Short Cycle Press Line

  Frame Structure

The four corners of the stress concentration of the frame window of the press adopt the curve type optimized by the finite element method to reduce stress concentration and effectively ensure life.


  Oil Cylinder

Full automatic Short cycle hot press Cylinders are made of special thick steel seamless tubes.Welding is done by robotic machines to control all welding parameters.CNC machining ensures tight minimum tolerances in operation to extend the life of the cylinder.

  Pressure Control

The full automatic short hot press machine electronic equipment is controlled by a microprocessor, and the pressing parameters are automatically set by the press buttons.


  Digital Instrument

The digital instrument carries out independent electronic control on the pressure plate temperature and the digital pressure gauge controls the pressure level.


            Accessories of             Full Short Cycle Hot Press Machine

Beccor has been working as Full Automatic Short cycle hot press machine manufacturer and supplier in China for more than 16 decades. With our years of experience in the industry, we can guarantee the production of high-quality Chinese short cycle hot press machine. Aside from manufacturing short cycle press machine in our own factory, we also offer customization and design services to our customers.Provide relative supporting equipment and Spare Parts.

                    Intelligent Technology of                      Full Automatic Hot Press Machine


1.Electrical Control System

The Siemens PLC for the Electrical Control System. use touch screen Output count, fault detection, password setting, hot-pressing process monitoring.

2.Siemens PLC

Siemens PLC are known for their reliability, scalability, and advanced features. They are used in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, energy, transportation, and building automation.

3.Siemens Servo Motrol Control

Siemens servo motor control is a system used for controlling the movement and positioning of servo motors. A servo motor is a type of motor to control the all system.
Servo hydraulic station

4.Hydraulic Staction

The servo pumping system for the hydraulic station can save 30% on electrical power consumption. Machine working more quite,More accurate control.Hydrulic stations are used to power hydraulic equipment such as cylinders, motors, and valves.
Our Factory

Changzhou Beccor Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the research, development and production of high-end automatic wood-based panel surface processing technology and equipment. The company has strong technical strength, perfect testing means, and has gathered a group of high-quality, high-tech professionals.
The company's fully automatic synchronous double-face fast veneer production line, non-standard customized supporting full automatic production line and various automatic pressing equipment are widely used in the production of furniture panels, reinforced composite floors and various decorative panels. It is suitable for particleboard, MDF and other wood panels and melamine impregnated decorative paper veneer, high-quality processed products and flexible use of substrates.

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    The Service Technician Certification program from BECCOR is a mark of excellence.Our technicians can service your machine with expertise, helping optimize performance. Ask your BECCOR dealer about what other makes and models of machines, in addition to those from BECCOR, they service locally
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FAQ of Full Automatic Short Cycle Press Line

  • What factors should be considered when selecting a full automatic short cycle press line?

    Some factors to consider when selecting a full automatic short cycle press line include the required production capacity, the size and thickness of the panels to be produced, the types of materials and laminates to be used, and the level of automation and customization required. Other factors to consider may include the cost of the line, maintenance requirements, and availability of technical support and training.
  • What materials can be used in a full automatic short cycle press line?

    A full automatic short cycle press line can be used to laminate a variety of materials, including particleboard, MDF, HDF, plywood, and other wood-based substrates. Additionally, it can be used to laminate decorative papers, films, and other materials onto these substrates to create finished panels with various colors, patterns, and textures.
  • How does a full automatic short cycle press line work?

    The process begins with loading the substrate onto the conveyor belt, which transports it through the pre-heating machine to prepare it for lamination. The decorative paper or film is then fed into the short cycle press, where it is pressed onto the substrate using heat and pressure. The finished panel is then cooled and sized before being trimmed and sanded to the desired shape and size.
  • What types of machines are included in a full automatic short cycle press line?

    A full automatic short cycle press line typically includes a series of machines, such as a loading and unloading system, pre-heating machine, short cycle press, cooling and sizing system, and trimming and sanding machine. Some lines may also include additional equipment, such as a dust removal system or an automatic stacking and packaging system.
  • What are the advantages of using a full automatic short cycle press line?

    The advantages of using a full automatic short cycle press line include high efficiency, consistent quality, reduced labor costs, and increased production capacity. By automating the manufacturing process, the line can operate continuously and produce panels at a faster rate than manual labor, resulting in increased productivity and profitability.
  • What is a Full Automatic Short Cycle Press Line?

    A full automatic short cycle press line is a production line that consists of a series of machines and equipment used to manufacture laminated panels, such as furniture boards, flooring, and wall panels. The process involves pressing a decorative paper or film onto a substrate using heat and pressure, resulting in a finished panel that is both durable and visually appealing.

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