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Shanghai International Furniture Machinery and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition ended successfully

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The Shanghai International Furniture Machinery & Woodworking Machinery Exhibition, a grand event for the furniture manufacturing and woodworking industries, recently came to a successful conclusion. The exhibition attracted furniture manufacturers, machinery and equipment suppliers and industry professionals from all over the world, providing a platform for exhibitors and visitors to communicate and cooperate together.

mlamine laminate hot press machine

During the Exhibition

Our company displayed the Latest Short Cycle Hot Press Machine, Automatic Melamine Laminate Board Production Line, and Flooring Production Line. These include automated production lines and digital control systems. The display of these innovative technologies attracted widespread attention and provided strong support for the future development of the furniture manufacturing industry.

In addition to the Short Cycle Hot Press Machine Display

In addition to the machinery and equipment displays, we participated in a series of professional seminars and lectures to discuss the latest trends and future directions of the furniture manufacturing industry. Participants had the opportunity to listen to the insights of industry experts and share their experiences.

The success of this event not only helps to promote cooperation and communication between the furniture machinery industry at home and abroad, but also provides a new opportunity for the modernization and upgrading of China's furniture manufacturing industry. Looking forward to next year's exhibition will again become a major highlight of the furniture machinery industry.

short cycle hot press line
  • Interaction with customers

short cycle hot press production line
  • Interaction with customers

Shanghai International Furniture Machinery and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition has been successfully concluded, we look forward to next year's event again!

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