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Our Company’s Interzum Guangzhou Exhibition 2024 Live Report

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Why Interzum Guangzhou is so Important

As a platform that gathers the world's leading companies and industry experts, the Interzum Guangzhou exhibition provides participants with the opportunity to communicate with industry colleagues, learn and display the latest achievements. This not only promotes cooperation and development within the industry, but also promotes innovation and progress in the wood processing and furniture manufacturing industries.


Exhibition Highlights

Product and Technology Innovation

The latest wood processing and furniture manufacturing related products and technologies will be displayed at the exhibition, covering raw materials, processing equipment, furniture accessories and other fields. Exhibitors will showcase their latest achievements, including innovations in smart furniture, environmentally friendly materials and production processes.

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Industry Trends and Outlook

Development Trends in the Wood Processing and Furniture Manufacturing Industry

The wood processing and furniture manufacturing industries are facing increasingly fierce competition and changing market conditions. As consumers' demands for quality and personalization continue to increase, companies need to continuously improve product quality and technical levels to meet market demand.

  • Hall No: S15.1

  • Booth No: G20

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our latest products and solutions. Let’s explore the future of the woodworking industry together!

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